What is Geoplast

Modular, plastic formwork for concrete that is designed to save you time, money, and reduce manual labour.

Geopanel Star

Geopanel Star Adjustable Column Panel

Geotub Panel

Geotub Formwork For Concrete Columns

Geotub Round

Geopanel Wall

Geopanel Wall 1200 Plastic Panel

Featured Project: Bunnings

Bunnings Warehouse, Smithfield (NSW) is constructed with a suspended concrete deck supported by 150 x 600mm round columns that were formed using the lightweight Geotub Round.

Form Doctors experienced a time saving of several hours per column, significantly lower material cost due to formwork reuse, and reduced transport costs to and from the job.

Bunnings Smithfield with Geotub Round Column Formwork

Built for Engineers

Learn more about how Geoplast Plastic Formwork makes designing complex formwork projects a breeze while complying with design codes like AS3610.

Why Choose Geoplast

Save Time

Fast, no-tool installation, and light enough to lift up, over, and onto almost any job.

Save Money

Reusable over 100x, lightweight design, and no special skills necessary.

Work Smarter

Lighter, weatherproof, recycled ABS product that’s nonstick – no form oil required.


Allcon Group, a family-owned business specialising in concrete construction products, is the exclusive Australian distributor of the Italian Geoplast plastic formwork products.

About Allcon Group and Geoplast

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