Geopanel Wall

For Concrete Wall Formwork

Geopanel Wall – for walls of any shape and size – is a reusable plastic formwork system for structural elements such as plinths, pits, walls, elevator shafts, stairwells, swimming pools, and even entire homes!

All elements are 600mm in length, so they’re easy to stack ‘n’ store.

Geopanel Wall Plastic Wall Formwork Installation Model

Why Geopanel Wall is Better Than Traditional Formwork

  • Build any shape wall – Any thickness and any size.
  • Non-stick – No releasing agents (form oil) required.
  • Tough ABS plastic and reusable over 100x.
  • Lightweight – 11 kg, light enough that a single person can assemble and strip. No crane necessary.
  • Modular, stackable, and store in any location.


Blade Walls

Geoplast Plastic Formwork for Blade Walls

Retaining Walls

Geopanel Wall Lightweight Retaining Wall Formwork

Bund Walls

Geoplast Geopanel Wall Reusable Bund Wall Formwork

Irrigation Structures

Finished Formwork Project at Berrigan

Capping Beams

Geopanel Wall Capping Beam Formwork System

Concrete Pits

Reusable Plastic Formwork for Concrete Pits

Swimming Pools

Geoplast Geopanel Wall Swimming Pool Formwork


Geoplast Geohouse Formwork System


Geoplast Modular Plastic Formwork For Lift Pit

Case Studies


Concrete walls and for Murray irrigation channel gate structure.

Geoplast Geopanel Wall Formwork at Berrigan
Geoplast Blade Wall Column Formwork

Deer Park

Blade wall forms for the 1st floor of a large industrial building.

Sydney Light Rail

Large sewer man hole replacement.

Reusable Plastic Formwork for Concrete Pits
Geoplast Reusable Concrete Pit Formwork


Lift Overrun Pit for a multistory commercial development.

Geopanel Wall

A Cheaper, Greener Building Alternative

Over 55% of the 1.5 Billion cubic metres of timber harvested globally is used in construction. Geoplast plastic formwork for concrete is the only affordable solution that reduces material consumption in formwork construction, and enables you to reuse formwork components 100+ times with ease.

And even when your Geoplast concrete wall formwork is worn out, you can recycle the components to further reduce your impact on the environment. This quality alone makes Geopanel Wall one of the only formwork systems that enables formworkers to “go green” on the job.

Since Geopanel concrete wall formwork systems are so light, it is ideal for use inside buildings where access for cranes and scaffold is restricted. The ABS plastic panels are modular and can adapt to any size, shape, and complexity of job.

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