Geotub Panel

Square and Rectangular Column Formwork

Geotub Panel –  is a fixed width, lightweight, modular plastic formwork system ideal for large-scale, repetitive, square and rectangular column formwork.

All Geotub Panel plastic column formwork pieces are 750mm high and range from 200 – 600mm wide.

Geotub Panel Reusable Plastic Formwork for Square Columns

Why Geotub Panel is Better Than Traditional Formwork

  • Built-in chamfer on edges – No fillet moulds required.
  • 55 combinations to suit any job type.
  • Non-stick – No releasing agents (form oil) required.
  • Faster to erect and dismantle.
  • Tough and reusable ABS plastic.
  • Lightweight – Less than 10kg per piece, no crane necessary.
  • No training required.



Geoplast Geopanel Lightweight Formwork For Concrete Columns

Pile Caps

Geotub Fast Formwork with chamfer
Pouring Geotub Panel Lightweight Formwork
Geotub Panel Reusable Square Column Formwork
Geoplast Geotub Reusable Plastic Formwork For Concrete

Technical Information

Specification Detail
 Fresh Concrete Pressure  Up to 60 kN/m2
 Max Weight  8 Kg
 Coefficient of thermal expansion  0.05 mm/m/°C
 Pour Rates (m / Hour)
 Flowing S5 > 220mm Slump  2.5m
 Soft S4 160 – 210mm Slump  3m
 Plastic S3 100 – 150mm Slump  4m
 Stiff S2 50 – 90mm Slump  8m

Geotub Panel

Your Solution for High Volume Column Formwork Projects

Geoplast allows you to create a concrete column form in minutes – no technical knowledge or special tools needed. Geotub Panel for square and rectangular column formwork is the best, quickest, and most cost-effective solution for big column jobs that have high repetition and fast turn-around times.

Geoplast plastic formwork for concrete is made simple by the handle – the standard fixing tool for the entire Geoplast formwork range. This lightweight nylon handle locks formwork pieces firmly in place with a simple 90 degree twist. No hammers, spanners, or cussing required.

The largest Geotub Panel formwork piece weights a measly 7.5kg – slightly heavier than your average on-the-job water jug. And with 10 different sizes available which can be used to build 55 different sized square and rectangular concrete formwork combinations, Geotub Panel formwork for columns is your partner on any job.

How can plastic formwork save you money? The Geotub Panel plastic formwork system is reusable over 100 times, so you don’t need to purchase timbers and plywood as often as you normally would. Give the pieces a quick hose-off after a job, stack, and store them ready for the next use. Because the formwork is plastic, you can store them wet, or in wet weather, without any affect.

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